Most Lucrative Countries to Teach English

Over the last few decades teaching English overseas has gone from unheard-of to mainstream which has increased the attention and competition for qualified English teachers. Thanks to a scarcity of certified, experienced instructors, many employers are raising the bar on teacher compensation. Here is a quick peek at three of the most lucrative countries to teach English:

South Korea
Offering a wide array of government-funded and private school positions for students of all ages, South Korea has long been considered one of the most lucrative countries for ESL teachers. In addition to a highly competitive base salary –coming in at more than US$2000 a month it is comparable to the starting salary of many Western teachers – most ESL jobs in Korea also provide accommodations, airfare, and insurance. Those who complete their contract – typically one year – are often eligible for an additional bonus worth one month of the salary.

Taiwan, too, has long been a major player in ESL recruitment. At US$3000 or more, base salaries – and living expenses – are higher than in South Korea but employers offer fewer benefits. Although your accommodations are typically provided, teachers will have to pay out of pocket for their airfare and insurance.

ESL salaries in Dubai are much like the developing country’s skyscrapers: sky high. A recent entrant to international ESL scene, the oil-rich country places an emphasis on certified, experienced instructors – and has the money to attract them. Unlike many other countries, ESL teachers in Dubai are paid in accordance to their experience and can earn up to $4000 a month. To top it off, most positions – which have multi-year contracts – include accommodations and annual round trip airfare.

So, when you are considering where to teach English abroad, make sure to remember these three – your bank account will be glad you did!

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