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Portales, New Mexico, USA

Eastern New Mexico University is located in the high plains of eastern New Mexico. Portales is a small, friendly community about two hours from Lubbock, Texas and four hours from Albuquerque, New Mexico. 2-week TOEFL Preparation course

The ESL Program at Santa Fe Community College offers semester long classes for English language learners, summer programs for more intensive study, and specialized programs for groups wanting a certain focus to their English language studies.

Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

An online, live virtual classroom makes this course international and globally located. THE FOUNDATIONS COURSE 1/2 price tuition right now! All new students of The Rosencroit Academy take The Foundations Course in order to become accustomed to the Rosencroit system of study. This course is divided into three sections, over...

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. Santa Fe is known for its beautiful landscapes, centuries of history, mix of indigenous-latin-anglo cultures, vibrant art scene and world-class dining. Vacation English Immersion is a 54 hour course of English language training [36 hrs] and American Culture studies [18 hrs]. Language instruction is given...

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