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Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

We accept International students for F-1 visas. Application are welcome at anytime of the year. Contact us: American One is a CEA accredited institution that offers one of the best programs in ESL and TOEFL preparation. The school is a leader in English Education, and our campus is located in one of the safest places in the United States of America.

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Our program: Intro Basic Intermediate Advanced

Springville, Utah, USA

ESL Prep helps facilitate learning and preparation for English language learners. We accomplish this by offering an online platform and courses for ESL students. The online content is rich in features and learning technology. Lessons include “gamified” exercises making the learning fun and memorable for students.

The Intensive English Language Institute (IELI) is on the campus of Utah State University (USU) in Logan, Utah. Logan is located in a scenic mountain valley 90 miles north of Salt Lake City, the state capital. With a low crime rate, Logan is a safe and peaceful place to study....

Provo, Utah, USA

Intensive English courses. Classes from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Monday through Friday

South Ogden, Utah, USA

USA - Onsite and online programs for organizations globally Customize English as a Second Language and other language programs for corporations and other organizations.

Just off Brigham Young University campus in beautiful Provo, Utah, USA--nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and host of the 2002 Winter Olympics. Intensive ESL, including TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, and college preparation in Provo, Utah, USA. Homestay and short-term programs available.

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

centrally located at 4516 South 700 East in Salt Lake City Utah. English for Beginners Level 1 and Level 2 Intermediate Level 3 High-Intermediate Level 4 Advance Level 5 TOEFL Preparation Level 6 College Preparation Level 7

Since 1990, the UTAH ELI mission has been to provide our students with the opportunity to learn English in an academic setting, make new friends, and experience American culture in an enriching and welcoming program on the beautiful University of Utah campus.

Established in 1997, Nomen Global has been helping international students, from over 85 countries, learn to speak English. Our proven courses, visa coaching, and research-backed ESL curriculum will have you truly learn English and be World Ready.

West Valley City, Utah, USA

EL KING Language Institute uses its own patented method to teach languages. The method is based on syntax (word order) instead of grammar, repetition and memorization. With EL KING method students can create their own sentences, instead of being limited to “what the textbook says.” Another peculiar feature of the method is that our instructors (Language Coaches,) coach the students on how t...

The University of Utah, home to the 2002 Winter Olympic Games, is located in the state's capital city. From its vantage point on the foothills of the snow-capped Wasatch Mountain range, the University looks west over the Great Salt Lake. Salt Lake City is situated at the "crossroads of the...

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

The English Language Institute offers and intensive, rigorous, academic English program that prepares students for study in an English-medium university environment. Our program serves beginning to advanced students, building their reading, listening, speaking, writing, grammar and academic skills.

HIA at Southern Utah University is located in Cedar City, Utah, a gateway city to nearby national parks. Cedar City is a safe and friendly college town. HIA is a language school located on the campus of Southern Utah University in Cedar City, Utah. We offer Intensive English and Test...

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Oxford Language Institute (OLI) is a division of the Oxford Group, a US corporation with headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah and offices in Denver, Colorado and Las Vegas, Nevada in the United States of America. The State of Utah is well known worldwide for its beautiful national parks, world-class...

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Internexus has several locations for you to choose from including Utah and Indiana in the United States and London, England. Whether you want to study in a big city or small town, with man-made or natural wonders we’ve got a place for you. This Internexus program prepares you for academic,...

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Salt Lake City is a safe city with many cultural, sport, and recreational opportunities set in the middle of the Rocky Mountains with eight well-known local ski resorts. Internexus Salt Lake City is located in safe downtown Salt Lake City, home of the 2002 Winter Olympics! Whether its a day...

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Downtown Salt Lake City Internexus is a network of English language schools in London and in the USA focused on helping you broaden your view of the English language world through educational experiences and courses. You will improve your English language skills through our intensive courses, learn about other cultures,...

One of the biggest challenges we faced in developing our vision for Lumos was finding a way to make our school stand out from the competition while creating a program to challenge and engage our students. After much trial and error, we believe we found the right formula to achieve this goal as our company has grown over the last 12 years. Lumos offers two programs, IEP (Intensive English Prog...

Snow College is located in Ephraim, one of the more rural and most beautiful parts of Utah, about an hour from the metropolitan centers of the state. Four levels of ESL are offered, from low elementary to high advanced in Academic Preparation, English for Academic Purposes, computer skills, with the...

120 miles south of Salt Lake City in the center of the state of Utah. Ephraim, is situated in a mountain valley at 5,500 feet elevation. It is small school in a rural setting which makes living safe and an excellent environement to study. Students benefit from the personal attention...

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