120 miles south of Salt Lake City in the center of the state of Utah. Ephraim, is situated in a mountain valley at 5,500 feet elevation. It is small school in a rural setting which makes living safe and an excellent environement to study.

Students benefit from the personal attention they receive during their studies at Snow College. We offer the following services for international students: • Four Levels in the ESL Intensive language program. All levels have reading, listening, speaking and composition. Levels 1 and 3 have grammar. Levels 2 and 4 have culture. • Low tuition. Students can go to school and pay for all their costs economically at Snow. • On-campus student housing, off campus apartments, and a homestay program. • Regularly Scheduled activities • Safe environment • Personal counseling and acadenmic advising • Students are Snow College students while in the Intensive English program. Levels 3 and 4 count as elective credit toward graduation from Snow College.

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150 East College Ave, · Ephraim, UT, United States 84627


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Housing Options

On-campus cooking apartments ($1600...

On-campus cooking apartments ($1600 per academic year) On-campus sleep study apartments ($2300 per academic year) Off-campus apartments ($2000 per academic year) Homestay ($350 per month)


$1200-1600 per semester/ $2400-3200 per academic year (2 semesters)

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