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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

ELS/Oklahoma City is located on the campus of Oklahoma City University (OCU) and offers many study options to students. The location offers a safe and friendly community with one of the lowest costs of living in the United States. Affordable apartments and homestays are very close to campus. The center...

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

Oklahoma City. ECI has a second campus in Dallas Texas ECI offers an Intensive English Language Program. ECI is an accredited school by CEA and ACCET. Offers 12 levels. Each level is 4 weeks long. Students get 100 hours of instruction per 4 week session ECI is affiliated with several...

we celebrate 20 years of work and dedication to our mission of Teaching English to International students so that they can continue their education to American Colleges and Universities we express our gratitude to all of the faculty and staff members, our partners and agents, our accrediting organizations (CEA and ACCET) from whom we learned so much throughout the accreditation process; and mo...

1719 S Owasso Ave Tulsa, Oklahoma 74120 We're a small, community based English Language instruction class. Supported by members of our community, we provide an individualized learning experience for all levels of english language learning.

Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

ULI is a small intensive English program with a low cost and many opportunities to practice English. We are located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in the USA.

The center is located on the campus of the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma. A city of 93,000, Norman is friendly, safe, easy to live in, and full of University activities. Norman is only 17 miles from Oklahoma City, the state's capital, where students have access to all the...

Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA

Oklahoma State University is located in Stillwater, a small, safe community of approximately 30,000 in the heart of the United States. It is a one-hour drive from international airports in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. Although Stillwater experiences all four seasons, winters are mild; blue skies and sunshine are enjoyed throughout...

Located on The University of Tulsa campus in midtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. The English Institute for International Students (EIIS) offers intensive courses in speaking, reading, writing, and understanding the English language. Five eight-week courses are offered each year. The primary objective of the institute is to provide international students with a...

Edmond, Oklahoma, USA

ELC is located in a safe university town of approximately 70,000 population, directly across the street from the University of Central Oklahoma and near shopping malls and apartments. ELC has an intensive English language program to prepare students for university studies in the US, to assist business people in communicating...

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