IIFA English Learning Center’s mission is to foster excellence in English as a Second Language education; providing post-secondary students with the necessary linguistic skills and cultural understanding to flourish in a global society. We achieve our mission through our commitment to continuous program improvement and adaptation to the changing needs of the community we serve.

Our multi-level General ESL Program is designed for post-secondary English language learners seeking to enhance their ability in all aspects of English communication. The student-centered program aims to create an immersive language learning experience for students, preparing them for real-world communication in English. Throughout the program, students will work to improve Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing in English.

Students can progress from Beginning I to Advanced II, with the ultimate goal of achieving proficiency in the English language that allows students to communicate spontaneously and effectively in most situations, both familiar and unfamiliar. Students who complete their ESL certificate program have the opportunity to continue their education to meet their academic and professional goals through IIFA’s Academic ESL, TESOL Certificate, and Business Communications programs.

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7444 Long Avenue · Skokie, IL, United States 60077


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