It’s your call… – Phrasal Verbs for the Phone

phoneFar from going the way of the telegraph, the telephone – thanks to the iPhone and other smartphones – has become our constant digital companion. Even though some of its functions are duplicated by online messaging and on social networks, the telephone remains vital – and so, too, does the vocabulary related to it. Here to help are some common phone-related phrasal verbs:

Call … Up / – to call someone (by surprise/who is not expecting the call)

  • I’m planning to call my high school friend up while I’m in town for the holiday weekend.

Call … Back/ – to return a call

  • Ms. Saunders isn’t available right now. Can she call you back when she gets out of the meeting?

Note: This phrasal verb has an alternate meaning with the same structure. Continue reading “It’s your call… – Phrasal Verbs for the Phone”