Is a DELTA Course worth it?

For those individuals interested in getting a certificate to teach English, the decision to enroll in a DELTA course is not an easy one. After all, given the length of time the program can take (no less than two months, full-time and over a year, part-time) and its focus on teachers who are already pursuing a career in English language education (which they may have to put on hold while they pursue their DELTA certificate), the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations’ Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages program is not exactly a walk in the park. Why, then, has its popularity only grown since its introduction in 1998 – and, more to the point, why should you consider it, too?

The answer, in a word, is excellence. The DELTA certification is the one of the most widely recognized and well respected ESL qualifications in the world. After all, a program famous for its rigor bestows upon its recipients a level of prestige that weekend TEFL courses (and even many longer certification courses) lack.

That is not that say a DELTA course is a perfect fit for everyone – indeed, it is best suited to experienced teachers who can apply their personal classroom experience to their coursework – but there are many benefits for those who take the plunge. From an employment standpoint, for example, it demonstrates a strong commitment to the field of English language instruction and gives recipients a strong advantage over their competition for both initial hires and promotions. Some of the more exclusive language schools require their teachers (and, naturally supervisors) to have such high level credentials. At the same time, a DELTA course can help an experienced teacher bring their classroom performance to the next level. By focusing on educational theory the DELTA can broaden a teacher’s outlook well beyond the day to day role of classroom management and in so doing will help the teacher improve their classroom performance. Finally, of course, such hard work literally does invariably pay off: teachers with a DELTA certification are eligible for considerable increases in salary.