These Business Idioms Are Money In the Bank!

Broken piggy bank 520388233As we noted in our recent entry in the business idioms blog series, banks have just as big a role in the world of business idioms as they do in the business world itself. Here are some of the most famous; with these at your disposal success is almost assured!

To Break The Bank – to spend more money than you have

  • The small company almost broke the bank after it tried to meet the production demands of a major client placed that placed a huge order on credit.

Note: As the above example shows, this idiom can be used with both actual banks and regular business (in which case “bank” could be considered a stand-in for bank account).

To Take It To The Bank – to have something genuine that you can trust without question

  • Trust me, my stock tip is so good that you can take it the bank.

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