Why Study in New Zealand

With its world-famous natural beauty routinely on display in movie theaters around the world, New Zealand is, quite literally, the stuff of legends. More to the point, its renown for being for amazing is every bit as justified as its reputation for remoteness.

Recent changes to its immigration policy, however, mean that New Zealand is more accessible than ever. Indeed, a series of flexible visa arrangements mean that, in New Zealand, you have the best of both worlds. Citizens from many countries – namely Canada, Germany, Japan, Taiwan and the United Kingdom – are eligible for New Zealand’s Working Holiday program and entitled to study without a formal student visa for up to six months out of twelve. Similarly, students from most other countries are free to enroll in short-term English language program (three months in length or less) on a visitor visa. Student who are seeking a degree (or have otherwise longer term plans) can take advantage of the New Zealand student visa and even work part-time during the academic year.

Between work and school, however, be sure to leave plenty of time to enjoy the best of what New Zealand has to offer. It truly is one of the greatest travel destinations in the world. From the North Island’s volcanoes to the South Island’s fjords – and with world-class cities and beaches in between – it has something to offer visitors of all stripes.

This varied landscape, along with its four distinct seasons, means that there are incredible sports and adventure activities to engage in no matter the season. The country is overflowing with recreation activities that range from the sedate (like gold and horseback riding) to the extreme (like rock climbing and hang gliding).

Finally, its people are world-renowned in their own right for their warm spirits and friendly dispositions. They, truly, are the stars of the show and will doubtless make your visit a memorable one!

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