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If the world is your oyster, why should you study English in Australia? Because, as so many English as a Second Language students already know, Australia is a pearl. Indeed, Australia is a true goldmine for international students looking to improve English. After all, studying English in Australia is an affordable, attainable option that provides the highest standard of English instruction and plenty of immersion opportunities at a good value.

Australia is a perfect fit for many international students thanks to its natural beauty and the world-famous warmth of its people. The “Land Down Under” has more than just kangaroos and koalas to offer – it also provides a safe environment in which you can study English with a diverse culture. On top of that, its numerous Australia student visa options allow students to enroll in programs that work for them. Its visitor visa program, for example, allows up to 12 weeks of study without the expense a formal student visa and its work and travel visa allows even more – meaning that visitors have the time and the opportunity to explore the country’s many exciting locales as part of their immersion process.

Moreover, given the country’s low cost of living, it affords students the opportunity to pursue a high quality education at an affordable price. Australian language schools and universities provide a range of English learning programs to meet the needs of students looking to studying English abroad. From short term exam preparatory programs to full-length degree programs, Australia’s language schools and universities have the program for you.

Additionally, with either a work and travel or student visa, students have the opportunity to work part time, further promoting the immersion experience while helping to defray the already low costs. So what are you waiting for?

If you are looking to study English in Australia, check out the ESL Directory to find the program that’s right for you!

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