St. Mary’s College’s English Language School

Thanks to its reputation for academic excellence and, likewise, its athletic prowess, Notre Dame, Indiana is famous in the hearts and minds of many thanks to its namesake university. Not far from that storied campus, however, another school, St. Mary’s College, is quietly building a reputation for greatness in an entirely different discipline: English Immersion Education. Indeed, St. Mary’s College’s English Language School is directly across the street from Notre Dame but in many ways outshines its more famous neighbor. Founded in 1844 as an all-girls Catholic school, St. Mary’s has built its reputation on education with a personal touch and, as a result, non-native English speakers from all walks of life and all proficiency levels will benefit from the program’s intensive English language instruction.

Educational opportunities at St. Mary’s College’s English Language School are equal parts intimate and international. Due to a carefully cultivated combination of small classes and expert faculty, its classes are squarely focused on a personalized approach to student development that encourage students to improve their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. At the same time, though, its state-of-the-art language laboratories and a steady stream of cultural immersion activities ensure that students have the opportunity to polish their skills in a variety of settings. Between their 15-week Fall and Spring semesters and 4-week Summer sessions program lengths, too, can be selected to suit a student’s unique needs.

No matter when they come, though, students preparing for English language higher education will benefit the English Language School’s close relationship with the larger liberal arts college. In this way, too, St. Mary’s College’s ESL Program offers the best of both worlds by providing this unique language immersion experience while still allowing students to enjoy the school’s close proximity to Chicago. Because it is at once at the heart of Notre Dame and on the doorstep of opportunity, success begins at St. Mary’s College’s English Language School.

Learn more about St. Mary’s English Language Program here.

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