English Immersion Destinations: The United States

spanish to english123176847Why study English in The United States?
Though, as our previous piece in this multi-part series on English immersion destinations discussed, English arose in England, the United States is arguably the guarantor of English in the 21st century. After all, because America is the world’s preeminent political, economic, and social power, students who immerse themselves in American-style English will possess a distinct advantage in many aspects of English-language culture. From the boardroom to Broadway, American English – and the more than 300 million people who speak it natively – will provide a clear advantage to candidates who are seeking to learn English to expand their academic, professional, or social horizons.

Where can I study?
The reach of American English around the world is almost as vast as the country itself and opportunities to study English around almost every corner. Though obvious hotspots include New York City and Washington DC, there are a variety of English Language Programs available from sea to shining sea. With literally thousands of programs to chose from the possibilities not only appear limitless but also ensure that there is a program out there to meet the needs of international students of all kinds. Those interested in high-energy lifestyle will find a number of major metropolises to chose from while those who prefer a quieter pace of life will find any of a number of smaller towns in the country an ideal fit. Likewise, specialized programs – be they for law, medicine, or business – also exist in almost every state.

What are the student visa regulations like?
Getting a visa to study in the United States is easy. If you plan on studying more than 18 hours a week – as most immersion programs require – then you will need to obtain an F-1 student but before you can apply for a visa you need to get an I-20 form from the school you plan to attend. Because each international student goes through this process your school will be instrumental in guiding you through this process and, indeed, they will be your point on contact throughout the visa application process. To learn more about the process, visit our US student visa page.

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  1. Hi. My name’s Hercules’ i’m maintenance manager in Brasil and now I decided to take a time to improve my English. My plan is travelling to USA with my wife and my two sons (Kevin – 18 years old and Kaique 11 years old) and studying English for 1 year; In this opportunity I want the my sons studying English too.
    Could you please send me more information about the course? Schedule; Cost; Date to start; How many hour per week.

    I’ll rent a house or apartment for one year.
    I already was visiting their parents more than six times in different cities (Medford; Boston, Los Angeles, Miami)
    I and my family have a tourist visa, but we need a student visa.


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