The best way to learn English is to completely immerse yourself in the language. By using English in your daily life, you will be able to master fluency by exposure and using your newly acquired language in real situations. This is why many individuals learning English will enroll in an ESL program in English speaking countries. By doing this, you will improve your grammar, vocabulary, language structure and fluency. Over time, you will notice that people will understand you without any hesitation and that you stop thinking about what you are trying to say – and just say it without any extra concentration needed. Your experience in an ESL program will depend on where to learn English.

Once you have decided that you have the time and resources to learn English around the world, the most important decisions will be choosing where to learn English. We have organized a list of English speaking countries around the world that have many ESL programs to give you the experience you are looking for. Before choosing where to learn English, we’ve listed an overview profile of English speaking countries to help you decide which country that speak English around the world is best suited for your needs. Below is a list of the most popular destinations to enroll in an ESL school, each country profile will help you compare your options and choose the best fit among all the countries that speak English around the world:

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