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  • Study at Northwest Missouri State University


Every student everyday is the way of life at Northwest Missouri State University’s ESL program. Their teachers will help you every step of the way to make sure that you learn important English skills, be prepared for university coursework and the TOEFL exam! Their US Immersion program will help you create lasting friendships, determine your future and gain the confidence to become a leader!

The English as a Second Language Program (ESL) offers intensive English courses to non-native speakers of English to improve their language skills, primarily for academic reasons. There are five sessions per year, beginning in January, late February or March, June, August and October. Sessions are roughly eight weeks long. The program offers:

  1. Small classes
  2. Cultural component to courses
  3. TOEFL preparation
  4. Preparation for university coursework
  5. Instruction at proficiency levels from basic to advanced

The ESL Program at Northwest offers small, high-quality English classes in a very pleasant, friendly academic environment. Here you can

  1. prepare for academic study in the United States
  2. improve your overall English language skills
  3. meet new friends
  4. immerse yourself in U.S. life
  5. gain a deeper understanding of American culture
  6. study and share experiences with individuals from different parts of the world

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800 University Drive · Owens Library 108 · Maryville, MO, United States 64468

How is the Program Organized?

We teach and work with students who are adult-minded and expect to work toward their goals. Merely attending classes or living in the USA is not sufficient to get the TOEFL score needed to enter the university. You must know English to score well on the TOEFL. The time you will need to score well on TOEFL will depend on your ability when you arrive and how much you try in our program.

For example: starting at 400 PBT, students at our program take about 4 sessions of ESL to reach 500. If you start at 450, you will need about 2 sessions. You can see how our students do in this chart View PDF. All new ESL students will be given a practice TOEFL test and placement test when they begin the Northwest ESL Program. Students scoring less than 400 on the practice test will start ESL in a probationary level. Probationary students must pass all classes each session in order to remain in the program. You will be placed in classes that meet your needs and ability level. Classes may be beginner, low-intermediate, high-intermediate or advanced level. During each session, you will study grammar, listening and speaking, reading, and writing and prepare to take the TOEFL.

Classes start at 9 a.m. and go to 3 or 4 p.m. each day, Monday through Thursday. On five Fridays during the session, you will have a practice TOEFL test, and at the end of the session, you will take the institutional TOEFL.

Conditional Admission

Students have the option to choose one session, two full sessions, or a full year of sessions. You do not have to commit to a full year. Sessions can be stand alone.

In addition, the ESL Program organizes a field trip during each 8 week session. Trips we've taken in the past include the world class Omaha Zoo, historic Nebraska City, Old West museums of St. Joseph, and multiple museums and shopping locations in Kansas City.

All faculty hold master's degrees in TESOL, English, or related fields. They have teaching experience abroad and in the United States. They are caring, dedicated, and creative ESL professionals.

The International Program provides essential services to international and underrepresented students such as orientation programs, general advising, conflict resolutions and mediation, immigration matters, departmental referrals, and peer mentoring to ensure academic success through graduation.


Total 2 items.

Intensive English

Tuition= $4,000 Total cost= $9,732
8 weeks - 1 year

Fall / Spring Semester (two sessions)

Dates for Fall II 2016:

Arrival date - October 16, Placement test - October 18, TOEFL test - December 14, Departure date - December 16

Dates for Spring I 2017:

Arrival date - January 4, Placement test - January 9, TOEFL test - February 23, Departure date - February 24

Dates for Spring II 2017:

Arrival date - February 26, Placement test - February 28, TOEFL test - April 27, Departure date - April 28

Intensive English

Tuition= $2,000 Total cost= $5,141
2 - 8 weeks

Summer Session (one session)

Dates for Summer 2017

Arrival date - June 4, Placement test - June 5, TOEFL test - July 27, Departure date - July 28

About Northwest Missouri State University

Northwest offers 135 undergraduate programs and 36 graduate's programs. The Business, Education, Geography and Agriculture departments graduate the largest number of students each year. Career Services offers an "Exploring Majors" fair where students can learn about different majors on campus and find which major is the perfect fit for them.


The ESL Program is open to all students who wish to improve their English language skills. You must have completed high school (secondary school).

The ESL Program is different from the undergraduate program at Northwest Missouri State University. If you want to study in the undergraduate program after you improve your English, you should apply to the Northwest Admissions Office at the same time.

If you have all the necessary qualifications for admission to the University, you will receive tentative acceptance. This means that you will be able to enter the University immediately after you complete your English studies by receiving a score of 500 on the Institutional TOEFL (or 61 iBT).


Northwest is a true advocate of profession-based experience. For instance, in our Horace Mann Lab School students majoring in education get a true inside view of what teaching is all about. Northwest offers several other opportunities for profession-based experiences including internships, the University farm for agriculture majors, on-campus radio and television stations and volunteer work

Books and Supplies

Every full-time student receives a laptop computer to use throughout the school year.

Housing Options

One semester/two 8-week sessions

Students are housed in campus residence halls, an easy walk to classes, and eat in the campus dining facility. Rooms are double occupancy, and the meal plan includes

Meals: 19 meals per week

Summer Session

Students coming for shorter programs (summer, one 8-week session) will be charged housing and meals at a lower cost based on length of the program.


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