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Global Launch's Intensive English Program is designed for international students who want to take their English skills to the next level. We know you have plans for your future, and many IEP options. After successfully completing our program, many students transfer into one of ASU's world-renowned degree programs.

For over 40 years,Global Launch at Arizona State University has provided Intensive English language instruction and has served students from over 160 countries. IEP students will learn from more than 100 masters degree-level international educators, experience American university culture, and explore the American Southwest through sponsored actives and trips to the Grand Canyon or Sedona and more!

IEP students can also benefit from the popular Conditional Admissions option, and receive a TOEFL waiver upon successful completion of the program. Global Launch also offers the ASU-USA Pathways program for students looking to start earning 24 or 25 academic credits toward undergraduate degrees in Business, Arts & Sciences or Engineering at Arizona State University, or any other American University.

Arizona State University is located in Tempe, Arizona, which the New York Times rated as one of the top 10 college towns in the U.S. The campus is 10 minutes from the airport and 20 minutes from Phoenix-- a nice mix of college town (150,000 inhabitants) and major metropolitan area.

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Arizona State University · Tempe, AZ, United States 85287-3504

Your campus is your home away from home

As part of a vibrant academic community, ASU Learn English students use new language skills to discover themselves through involvement in campus life and activities. Practice your English, learn about worlds beyond your own, and build a network of mentors and friends.

With more than 1,100 clubs and organizations, it's easy to try new things and to meet new people who share similar interests. Whether you're a soccer player or spectator, science enthusiast, entrepreneur, or lover of the arts, there's a club for you. Search our list of ASU Clubs and Organizations to discover ways to connect, or start your own club.

#1 public university chosen by international students

#1 producer of Fulbright Scholars

ASU is a top 50 university in the nation and a top 100 university in the world


Total 2 items.

Intensive English

4 weeks= $2,062 8 weeks= $2,750
4-8 Weeks

ASU Intensive English Program

Classes are offered in 4- and 8-week sessions. There are five 8-week sessions offered throughout the year. Students enroll in the number of sessions necessary to achieve their desired level of English proficiency. There are six levels of English offered, from basic to college-ready. It takes one full session (eight weeks) to complete a level. If students are interested in short-term study, our program offers 10 four-week sessions throughout the year.


Full-time students study 21 hours per week, which includes three core courses and one elective course.

Core Courses (18 hours)

  1. Listening/Speaking (6 hrs per week)

  2. Reading/Writing (9 hrs per week)

  3. Structure (3 hrs per week)

Elective English Tracks (3+ Hours per week)

4 different elective tracks are offered with over 25 different elective courses that can be chosen depending on the individual's proficiency level and interest. Each elective track introduces subjects appropriate for each learning level, allowing students to progress in their learning at a steady, manageable pace. For example, Introduction to English is focused on improving the student's exposure to the key concepts, ideas and vocabulary that are used in university Business classes. Elective tracks are as follows:

  1. Business
  2. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)
  3. Hospitality
  4. General Studies

College Pathway/Bridge

One Year/Bridge

ASU-USA Pathways

The ASU-USA Pathways program (ASU-USA) is designed for international students interested in obtaining an undergraduate degree at Arizona State University (ASU) or any other U.S. university. It provides support for students who would like to improve their English skills and who want the opportunity to show they can perform well in U.S. university classes. ASU-USA Pathways allows students to adjust to life in the United States, enjoy many campus activities and make friends with American students.

  1. Earn 24 or 25 real academic credits that transfer to ASU or other American universities

  2. Ease into American education system: after two or three semesters in the program students take freshmen courses with American ASU students.

  3. Immerse yourself in American student life by staying in guaranteed on-campus housing

4.Take freshman English/Writing courses with other ASU International students

All Day Trips

Students at Arizona State University have the opportunity to explore some of America's most treasured parks. Journey out to the west and travel through the dessert, wander through canyons and ski down mountains!

Trips you can take are:

  1. Grand Canyon Be amazed by the beautiful Grand Canyon, one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World.

  2. Sedona, Arizona Enjoy the red rock sandstone towers of Sedona, a majestic destination famous for its spiritual and recreational activities.

  3. Northern Arizona In the Winter, get a chance to play in the snow and enjoy the cooler climate, pine trees, and recreation up North, in and around the town of Flagstaff.

  4. Old Tucson, Arizona and Sonoran Desert Preserve Learn about the 'Wild West' through a movie studio tour, and then visit a museum about Arizona desert animals and landscape.


Students attending ASU Learn English will be able to purchase a meal plan. With a meal plan, you get a specified number of All-You-Care-To-Eat (AYCTE) meals per week or per semester in the residential restaurants. ASU provides a wide variety of meals including vegan and vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free options in the residential restaurants as well as kosher, halal and organic options in the on-campus markets. The residential restaurants feature full salad bars, deli, grill, homestyle entrees, international entrees, vegetarian and vegan options.

Housing Options

ASU Residential Halls

This option is only available for Global Launch students who are conditionally admitted to ASU. Residential halls and other on-campus housing options are just minutes away from classes and dining options, and provide communities where you can learn, grow and make the most of your student experience.

Session Cost

4 Weeks - $4710 - $870

8 Weeks - $1,420 - $1,740

4 Months - $2,840 - $3,480

6 Months - $4,260 - $5,220

8 Months - $5,680 -$6,960

Application fee $125


Homestays are a great way to learn about American family culture. Each family is carefully screened and selected. Families vary; some families are single parents with children and some are older couples without children. Students receive breakfast and dinner daily and have their own bedrooms. Transportation to school and home must be arranged. Some students take the bus, ride bicycles or ride with host family members, if possible.

Session Cost

4 Weeks - $660

8 Weeks - $1,320

4 Months - $2,460

6 Months - $3,960

8 Months - $5,280

Application fee $170

Apartment Style Resident Hall

Global Launch students may live in apartments that are near ASU but not on the ASU Tempe Campus. There are several apartment options within a short walk, bike, bus or metro ride to the ASU Tempe Campus. Fully-furnished, apartment-style dorms

Session Cost

4 Weeks - $600

8 Weeks - $1,200

4 Months - $2,400

6 Months - $3,960

8 Months - $4,800

Application fee $40

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