Eventures in English camps are an Immersion System for Conversational English It is a unique immersive learning environment that gives total immersion into the English language as well as speaking practice and vocabulary expansion. While reading and writing English are recognized as very important, our course is designed to give each student maximum opportunity to hear, understand, and speak the English language to improve their level of proficiency in verbal communication using English. Our goal is to provide exposure to practical and useful English so that the student can immediately begin to communicate in the English language Our course typically includes 3 daily classes that allows students maximum exposure to the English language. During the two week course, we have also scheduled self-paced computer programs to help students retain and expand their speaking ability as well as events and tours that are not only fun and educational, they give the students real time practice in speaking English. The special events are a part of the course, and are offered to our students for the additional English speaking practice. Prior to the first class day, each student undergoes a registration interview via skype, with one of the teachers. This interview is used to place each student in the level that matches their proficiency in speaking the English language. Class sizes are optimized to foster an informal and relaxed learning environment that encourages individual and small group practice.

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