EF English First has now had more than 65 schools in 33 major cities all over Indonesia. – which are Balikpapan, Bandung, Bangka, Banjarmasin, Batam, Bogor, Cilegon, Cirebon, Denpasar, Jakarta, Jambi, Jayapura, Jember, Kediri, Kupang, Lampung, Magelang, Makassar, Malang, Manado, Medan, Padang, Palembang, Pekanbaru, Samarinda, Semarang, Sidoardjo, Solo, Sukabumi, Surabaya, Tegal, Tulungagung and Yogyakarta. Most of our schools are conveniently situated in the downtown areas where students can experience the buzz and are equipped with modern and comfortable interior, innovative language lab as well as other sophisticated learning and teaching-support devices.The Corporate Language Training can be held either on or off-site, depending the request of the company.

EF English First offers on or off-site Corporate Language Training to accommodate specific needs of corporate clients. At English First Corporate Language Training we specialize in offering business language courses for professionals. As part of a worldwide network, we provide all the advantages of a major multinational organization: a wide choice of study locations as well as high quality training combined with the personal attention of people who care. Every course starts with a test to determine current level. The test comprises of CLEO online written placement test and oral placement test. A class which has participants of varying proficiency means that the class is too easy for some and too difficult for others – i.e. it is suitable for none.The placement testing will be done to ensure that a) participants receive more individualized attention, b) proficiency variation in class can be kept to a minimum, and c) language acquisition can be kept at a maximum. Each student is analyzed and provided with the best choice from the following courses, either as an individual or in a group class: Real EnglishThis exclusive, award-wining course takes the student from no previous knowledge of English to advanced level in a careful, step by step program based on our own series of texts especially prepared for the international students of English. All elements of English grammar are included but more importantly, every lesson is designed to use the structures immediately. Fluency is achieved through activities carefully constructed to be useful, real and fun. Extensive opportunity is given for the student to practice at home through homework sections, which complement and reinforce the material presented in class. Professionally recorded audio tapes are provided to each student along with the book, which contains appendices covering vocabulary and grammar for quick and easy reference. The program is a compete package, smartly designed and with a firm pedagogical basis to give you the direction and foundation of a solid knowledge of English. This course is suitable for the students or group class with low level of English language skills.Business@EF Whether you need to improve your writing skills in memo, email, fax and reports, read professional journals, or practice making presentations in English, EF English First has the resources and trained staff to meet these needs. Using world-renowned materials, the course focuses on the communicative use of the English Language in a working environment.This course is suitable for the students or group class with medium to high level of English language skills.Conversation ClubDo you feel speaking is the most difficult part in English language learning? Conversation Club will help you to master the art of conversing in English, taught by our professional teachers. Mastering English speaking skills requires practice. EF English First uses interesting topics and communicative interactive method that allow more time for you to practice thus improve your English speaking skills. This course is suitable for the students or group class with medium to high level of English language skills and focus on building their speaking skills.

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Wisma Tamara, Lt. 4, Suite 403 · Jakarta, Indonesia 12920


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