The English Language Institute is located on the beautiful University of Delaware campus in Newark, Delaware. Newark is a quiet, safe, and friendly college town of 30,000 people. Delaware is centrally located on the east coast of the US, and Newark is two hours by car or train from Washington, D.C. and New York City (170 km) and one hour from Philadelphia and Baltimore (80 km). Nearby recreational areas on the Atlantic Ocean and in the Pocono mountains of Pennsylvania offer students a variety of summer and winter activities.

The ELI offers six levels of intensive language instruction: Beginner (Level I), High Beginner (Level II), Intermediate (Level III), High Intermediate (Level IV), Advanced (Level V), and High Advanced (Level VI).

Each study session is eight weeks long and students are expected to advance one level every session. Students are assigned to levels and courses based upon the results of placement testing. Students' classroom instruction is divided into two courses that each meet daily for two hours: Listening/Speaking and Reading/Writing.

The listening/speaking classes develop students' fluency, oral grammar, pronunciation, intonation, stress, and listening comprehension. The classes use current, proven methods that help students use English in meaningful ways to communicate ideas and needs, solve problems, and participate in American life on campus and in the community.

The reading/writing classes develop students' reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, and library skills. Instruction integrates these skills to improve written communication and reading comprehension, using a progressively challenging curriculum from beginning to advanced levels. In the beginning through intermediate levels (I, II, III), students learn general English in both classes. At the High Intermediate to Advanced levels, students may choose courses from four different tracks of study: general, academic, business, and American Culture.

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189 West Main Street · Newark,, DE, United States


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Housing Options

As part of its...

As part of its orientation services, the ELI arranges suitable housing for all Institute students including homestay and University dormitories.



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