located in the Orlando, Florida area

Our Intensive English Program offers small group and private intensive English classes, cultural excursions, and various lodging options. We offer six levels of English from Low Beginner to High Advanced, and students are placed in a level via an oral evaluation. Using the Communicative Approach to language learning, students will learn to communicate in meaningful contexts that one may encounter in real-life situations. Our experienced instructors establish in-class situations that promote communication and practice in all four language learning skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students will receive a certificate at the end of each course. At our facility students can enjoy a Learning Resource Center with computers, books, videos, and other useful materials, computer labs with free Internet and a special English learning software, counselors, a student lounge, and a concession stand serving a variety of snacks and beverages. Adjoining the lounge on the outside is a lovely tree-canopied courtyard where students may study, eat lunch, or simply enjoy the pleasant weather. Our school is also walking distance from several parks, shopping, restaurants, and museums.

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P.O. Box 3028, MC 5-1 · Orlando, FL, United States 32802


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Housing Options

homestay, university housing, or...

homestay, university housing, or hotel


$200.00 /week with 2 meals (homestay) $130.00 /week, no meals (homestay) $275.00/ week (hotel)

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