At University of the Potomac, our goal is to educate our students by arming them with the theoretical and practical mastery needed in today’s competitive workplace. We are deeply committed to an education that can best be described as affordable excellence. We have an accessible faculty dedicated to teaching, a commitment to the business sciences, and an educational model that encourages real-world experiences. Most of all, we are committed to helping our students not just enter college but graduate from college.

Our small, progressive school offers hands-on personal attention to meet our busy student’s needs. We offer the convenience of time, location and program pace to help you balance your life with your education. But the aspect I am personally most proud of is the “human” approach to education we practice here at University of the Potomac. You will not be just another student. We thrive on getting to know our students on a personal level and using the power of education to transform the lives of students as they pursue their professional goals – regardless of their starting point. We know you want to do this – for yourself, for your family, and for the respect, you will feel and earn from others with a college degree. My commitment to you is that University of the Potomac can help you get there. Welcome!

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