The Gulf Language School (GLS) at North American University offer students a unique, supportive, and immersive educational experience with the benefits of a major metropolitan area and easy access to world-class attractions and events. The GLS has been preparing students for academic success in Bachelor and Master’s degree programs at NAU and other institutions of higher education since 2007. At the Gulf Language School, courses follow an academic and skills-based curriculum. We integrate the essential skills of listening and speaking, reading and writing into one complete program of study. Classes vary by level and include targeted skills such as conversation, or integrated approach with listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar components. The integration of these important language skills helps prepare students for study at a university in the United States or for life as a working professional. Our program offers you an outstanding educational experience that will help you achieve your English- language goals. The students’ experience will include 20 hours of English study per week as well as many opportunities to participate in extracurricular student activities designed to introduce you to American and Texan culture. As a student in the GLS at NAU, you will also have access to excellent student support services and first-rate campus facilities.

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11929 West Airport Blvd · Houston, TX, United States 77477


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