At JEI Learning Centers, we offer a unique and innovative education system where children can study independently. Our Self-Learning System ensures that children have the ability to become strong leaders of tomorrow by helping to develop their critical thinking and problem solving skills. With the help of JEI instructors, our kids learning center allows children to improve their skills in English, Math, Reading & Writing, and more. We have JEI learning centers all across the USA. Contact us today and see the difference we can make to your child's education!

JEI English provides an easy to grasp program for grades Pre-K to 9. The program progresses in small steps and makes learning engaging and effective. The workbooks are designed to provide a strong foundation in grammar, vocabulary, and reading skills. The study program is created for each student through an individualized schedule of selected workbooks. At the end of each weekly workbook, there is an interim test for the concepts covered to ensure understanding.

The JEI English curriculum is aligned with the State Standards, covering all major domains such as readiness, phonics, reading, communication, grammar, and information.

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4465 Wilshire Blvd., · Suite 302 · Los Angeles, CA, United States 90010


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