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The ESL Department at Collin College in Plano, Texas started in 1991 and has grown to more than 400 students. It is fully accredited and nationally recognized as an academically challenging institution. Our ESL program helps you master a variety of English skills and understand American culture necessary for academic, professional, and personal success. ESL instructors also help you develop study skills and connections to people and resources in the community.

Why Choose ESL at Collin College?

*Caring Instructors - Instructors will get to know you, your unique goals, and your personal language needs.

*Professional Lessons - All of our instructors have a master's or doctorate degree with many years of experience.

*Personal Attention - Small, family-like class sizes (10-18 students) allow for individual attention.

*Affordable - You get a top-quality education at reasonable costs because Collin College is supported by the government.

*Flexible Program - Our unique program structure helps you balance school and personal life.

*Diverse Population - A large variety of students from different national backgrounds ensures a unique experience.

*Social Options - Plenty of social activities create community connections, build language skills and make you feel at home.

*Additional Resources - Activities and labs are available to guide your English improvement outside the classroom.

*Facility Access - You have access to many Collin College facilities including libraries, computer labs, and sports centers to name a few.

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