English Language Academy is a comprehensive all inclusive online English Language program. Here at ELA we offer 3 different programs (General English, Academic English and Business English) that students can select from. Our program is ideal for professionals and/or individuals who need or want to improve their pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, listening & speaking and/or writing skills. We also provide a highly intensive TSOL preparation class that is designed to improve your TSOL score in as little as 6 weeks. Our goal is to help participants increase their knowledge of English, speaking fluency, and build confidence. Because our program is on-line it is flexible to meet the individual needs of the students we service.

We currently offer 6 levels in 3 different stages: Beginner (A1, A2) Intermediate (B1, B2) and Advanced (C1, C2), and 3 different programs: General English, Academic English and Business English. The courses are broken down into 6-weeks sessions. Each course includes all materials and 60-minute face to face sessions with a native English Instructor.

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