• Study at Marshall University INTO Pathway

    INTO Pathway Program

  • Study at Marshall University INTO Pathway

    INTO Pathway Program


Over 180 years, Marshall University INTO Pathway Program has become a leading public university providing innovative undergraduate and graduate education in 200 academic fields. When you decide to study at Marshall, you can choose from 10 colleges providing more than 100 degree program options to best suit your academic aspirations.

Marshall University INTO Pathway Program is dedicated to using every available resource to help you succeed. The university has invested $300 million in new buildings and renovations in the last 10 years to give you the latest, state-of-the-art classrooms and laboratories.

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1 John Marshall Dr · Huntington, WV, United States 25755

A Welcoming Environment

At Marshall University, you'll find that although you're surrounded by many other students, you're always seen as an individual. Small class sizes allow you to get to know your professors. State-of-the-art facilities and vast research opportunities ensure you have the tools for the best possible education. These features, in combination with INTO Marshall’s friendly student services, will ensure a fulfilling American university experience.

With more than 1,000 faculty members teaching in more than 100 degree programs, Marshall classrooms are well-equipped to provide you with a quality education. Marshall is committed to encouraging its faculty and students to conduct research in their field. Because of this, the university has $31 million in annual research funding. From the first year of your program, you'll have the opportunity to participate in hands-on research to take your education above and beyond the classroom. You'll feel safe and secure on campus knowing your accommodation and the 24-hour study center both require university ID access. University police monitor the campus and emergency call posts located in various places on campus.


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Test Preparation

1 - 3 Semesters (2 - 12 months)

Academic English

Through development of listening, speaking, reading, and writing; TOEFL preparation; and academic study skills, the program enables students to progress to academic degree programs. The Academic English program at INTO Marshall University prepares you for university study in the US. The academically rigorous program provides you with high-quality English language instruction and the academic skills to succeed at Marshall.

College Pathway/Bridge

One Year/Bridge

Graduate Pathway Programs

INTO Marshall’s Graduate Pathway program will prepare you to enter the second year of a master’s degree program at Marshall University. Upon successful completion of the Graduate Pathway program and meeting university requirements for graduate admission, you may enter your next semester of graduate study at Marshall University.

Academic English

1 - 2 Semesters (3 - 9 months)

International Year One

International Year One will prepare you to enter your next semester of a bachelor’s degree program at Marshall University.

Upon successful completion of International Year One and meeting university requirements for undergraduate admission, you may enter your next semester of undergraduate study at Marshall University. This transition from an INTO International Year One program to a university degree program is called progression.

INTO Courses at Marshall University

Marshall offers more than 58 bachelor’s degrees in high-demand fields. With three ways to begin your undergraduate studies, we’ll help you find the option that’s right for you.

If you meet the below academic and English language requirements for your program, you may apply directly to Marshall.

Entry requirements:

Housing Options

Student Residences

Students can stay in a few different residence halls. First-year residence halls are for freshmen and new students. Twin Towers and the Commons are also available. You can live alone or with a roommate. Our residence halls are great places to study with friends and meet new people.


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