TAHS English teaches TOEFL, IELTS, and Academic English to prepare students for university level courses.

Students can benefit from our Pathways programs to UMass Boston, MCPH, and Manhattan College.

We issue i-20 for F1 Visas.

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30 jfk st · 3rd floor · Boston, MA, United States 02138


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College Pathway/Bridge

12 weeks

Intensive & Academic English

LEVEL 1 & 2 CORE COURSES: Non-academic, Pre-TOEFL courses include reading, writing, listening and speaking. Level 1 & 2 focus on Natural English for daily use.

Level 1

Become a confident speaker in everyday situations. Learn English for shopping, traveling, going to the doctor, etc.

Level 2

Continue to build confidence with spoken English. In addition, start learning more advanced vocabulary which will prepare you for Level 3 – TOEFL courses. Elective TOEFL is also available.

LEVEL 3 & 4 CORE COURSES: TOEFL iBT Preparation Course for University Admission. Level 3 & 4 focus on advanced vocabulary (e.g. archaeology, astronomy, biology).

Level 3 In this TOEFL-focused course you will use more academic texts, preparing for colleges that require scores below 90 on the TOEFL iBT.

Level 4 In this TOEFL-focused class you will learn specialized vocabulary (science, archaeology, astronomy, etc.) and advanced grammar to prepare you for universities that require a higher mark on the TOEFL exam.

Housing Options

EDR Campus

1500 month

We offer housing one mile away from the school near Harvard Dorms.

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