Target International Student Center is a privately owned English Language School that offers a unique and successful intensive language training program. We are conveniently located in one of Boston’s most vibrant college and university neighborhoods.

Our teaching approach is centered around two important ideas: smaller classroom sizes which give our student more time with their teachers and an english-only communicative approach which creates a thriving environment to learn.

Our wide-ranging programs will help international students quickly improve their English skills, prepare for the TOEFL test, improve business skills with our Business English program and train future ESL teachers with our TESOL course. We strive to meet any and all of our students’ expectations.

Target International Student Center guarantees students more in-class hours for a competitive price. Our team of qualified and dedicated teachers strive to provide students with the best language learning experience possible so that they can reach their highest potential.

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1105 Commonwealth Avenue · suite 202 · Boston, MA, United States 02215


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Intensive English

0-4 Weeks

General English

In our General English classes students will build a strong language foundation using highly successful “American English File”. Every lesson develops all the necessary skills for effective communication. Students will practice their writing skills by submitting essays on daily topics; listening skills by watching short movies and university-level lectures; speaking skills through conversations about everyday topics and global matters, games and presentations; and reading skills by analyzing short texts as well as scientific articles. Apart from developing these four essential skills, our methodology includes pronunciation workshops, and a series of elective classes. After completing our General English course students will be able to successfully communicate with native English speakers on a variety of topics; go smoothly through a job interview process; read professional literature and articles as well as novels; watch and enjoy movies and documentaries in English and write work-related emails, reports and university essays. If native-like English is your goal, this course is for you. This course is open for all level of English proficiency: Starter (A1), Elementary (A2), Upper Elementary and Intermediate (B1), Upper Intermediate (B2), and Advanced (C1).

General English

0-4 Weeks

Private Lessons

TISC Boston offers private lessons to students who are looking to develop specific skills or for those who desire English lessons on a one-to-one basis with a customized schedule.

General English

0-4 Weeks


ESL 12 is the second of our flexible programs for those students who cannot commit to our classes full time. In this program, students can choose two of our subjects (Grammar, Reading/Writing or Listening/Speaking) and pursue them with our teachers.

Test Preparation

0-4 Weeks


The TOEFL Preparation course is designed to equip students with the necessary skills to successfully perform on the TOEFL iBT, the primary second-language entry exam at most American universities. These skills include building receptive listening and reading abilities oriented towards an efficient response to exam questions as well as productive speaking and writing abilities which take into consideration an effective analysis of a question and sufficient development of a response. Ultimately, the desired result of this course is to establish a deeper understanding of how to respond to TOEFL exam tasks in each section, cultivate good exam instincts with consideration to time constraints of the test and create self-awareness on the part of the students in regard to any strengths and weaknesses in the context of the test. Students Will: • Take a practice test • Receive detailed feedback on how to improve • Build test-taking skills in reading, speaking, and writing sections • Improve skills in speaking and writing plus work on listening With the full sixteen-week course the students will establish a deep understanding of EXACTLY what to do to get a high TOEFL score.

Test Preparation

0-4 Weeks


TISC Boston offers semi-intensive IELTS preparation classes. Our course is ideal for international students wishing to improve their IELTS score to enter in an American university. During the course you will develop all four skills required to successfully pass IELTS: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Students will work through the test structure and improve their time management during the test. Students will learn all the necessary vocabulary to succeed in writing, reading, speaking, and listening to acquire test-taking strategies. Students will practice all four strengths through a variety of activities, such as short presentations, games, assignments, readings, and lectures on a wide range of topics. This course is recommended for students who are planning to enter undergraduate or graduate university program in any English-speaking country.

Academic English

0-4 Weeks

Business English

For high-level English speakers that are seeking to learn more, TISC Boston offers a Business English course aimed at those who desire to apply their existing English skills to the workplace. This is a very intense course where students learn a variety of new vocabulary, and grammar specific to the business world. Students are tested in every aspect of the English language: writing, speaking, listening, reading, as well as using their critical thinking and creativity skills.

Students Will Learn: • Key business terms, vocabulary and styles • How to use existing English skills in different projects • Exposure to many kinds of English accents • Reading, writing, and speaking techniques in the business world • Use resources to maximize results

8+ Weeks


TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is a five-week course developed for native English speakers, non-native English speakers, and international students. The course consists of three parts: In-classroom theory module, where students obtain a profound knowledge of theoretical approaches in English as a Second Language (ESL) teaching, and Second Language Acquisition (SLA). Teaching practicum which students receive thorough training in the use of practical ESL teaching techniques. To receive the certificate, students must complete the mandatory teaching practicum and submit a portfolio. In addition, students will have the opportunity to take an online specialization that will make their certification more competitive during job search.

4-8 Weeks

TESL 5 weeks

Program Details

This program is designed for native speakers and international students with a high level of proficiency. The course has been praised by both professional teachers and novice instructors.

The course consists of 3 modules: the in-classroom part, teaching practicum and the online part. Students in this program have to complete mandatory teaching practicum to receive the certificate.

In-Class Part

The in-classroom part runs on 5 consecutive Saturdays, 9 AM- 6PM with one hour lunch break. Using the Manual and the Workbook, students cover all major aspects of ESL teaching, from theoretical foundation to practical strategies to use in class.

We pay special attention to lesson planning. Starting from day 2, students are assigned to work on lesson plans to develop different skills. They get an opportunity to gain hands-on experience teaching when presenting their lesson plans to their group mates. After finishing the 5 week in-classroom part, students are supposed to have a clear idea of the principles that underlie ESL teaching and what practical strategies and techniques they should use in the classroom to develop certain skills.


There is no final exam after the in-class part. Instead, to ensure quality assessment, we have a portfolio requirement. After completing the in-class part, the practicum (see below) and submitting a complete portfolio, students will receive their Foundation Certificate in TESOL, showing 60 hours.


Target ISC introduced practicum requirement for TESOL students. Students will need to complete 12 hours of observations and 8 hours of teaching. During the observation part, TESOL students will sit in on the lessons of instructors at Target ISC and act as facilitators in class if necessary. They will be responsible for filling out Instructor Observation Forms. For the teaching part, students will do a total of 8 hours of ESL instruction (4 hours of teaching and 4 hours of preparation). Students are responsible for consulting the regular teacher about which parts of the course book they will have to cover and which skills to develop in their lessons. Then the teacher will fill out Observation Feedback forms to help the TESOL students assess their performance.

Online Section

Once the student has completed our 5 week program, they then may further specialize themselves through an online component. This will allow them to become extremely desirable to prospective employers.

Housing Options

TISC Accommodations


Homestay is the perfect choice for students who want to become immersed in American culture, use English outside of the classroom, and make friends for life. Our American families welcome international students into their homes, provide two or three meals a day, take students to cultural events, and introduce their...

Homestay is the perfect choice for students who want to become immersed in American culture, use English outside of the classroom, and make friends for life. Our American families welcome international students into their homes, provide two or three meals a day, take students to cultural events, and introduce their friends. All our Homestay are an average of 60 minutes from Target International Student Center by public transportation (MBTA). Includes breakfast and dinner. Upon receiving completed application and the placement fee of US$100.00, Target ICS will send a confirmation e-mail providing the Homestay family information.

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