English for a Lifetime Language Institute was founded February 20th 2012 in the small town of Doraville, Georgia. The institute's primary goal is to train non-native speakers to master English as a second language as they adapt and adjust in American society.

English for a Lifetime offers a ten level intensive English program, Spanish as a foreign language and a GED preparation program. Every instructor is highly qualified and passionate about making a difference in the lives of every learner that enter into English for a Lifetime Language Institute.

The institute's motto is, "We are opening the doors to success!"

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3069 Amwiler Road #4 · Atlanta, GA, United States 30360


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Intensive English

$250.00 monthly
8+ Weeks

Intensive English Program

The intensive English program offer ten level of studies. The duration of each level is twelve weeks.

8+ Weeks

Spanish as a foreign language

The Spanish as a foreign language component is designed for learners who desire to learn Spanish as a second language. Learners who enter this program usually do so for personal and professional reason. The program features four levels of intensive Spanish studies. Each level is twelve weeks.

One Year/Bridge

G.E.D. Exam Preparation

The GED program is designed primarily for non-native adult learners who desire to prepare, take, and pass the GED exam for the purposes of expanding personal, career and professional opportunities. Students are provided with intensive academic skills in the areas of: Language Arts, Reading, Science, and Mathematics.

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