Our Boston Commons center is ideally located in the heart of downtown, overlooking the city's famous public park. The home of prestigious universities such as Harvard, MIT and Boston University, Boston hosts the world's largest college student population.

We offer Academic English, TOEFL/SAT/GMAT/TOEFL/IELS Preparation, Intensive English, General English, and Vacation English programs. FLS Core Classes are the foundation of our English Language Programs, made up of 18 levels.

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131 Tremont St Suite #400 · Boston, MA, United States 02111


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Vacation Course

$400 per week (1-4 wk), $395 (5-12wk)
1 - 12 weeks

Vacation English (18 lessons per week)

This program offers complete instruction in the basics of English while still allowing plenty of time for fun and exploration.

General English

$425 (1-4wk), $415 (5-12wk), $390(13-23wk), $250(24+)
1 - 24 weeks +

General English

This stimulating combination of the Core Class and a daily Academic Workshop, such as our pronunciation clinic, conversation club, American music workshop and more, will take students' English skills to new level.

Intensive English

$445 (1-4wk), $435 (5-12wk), $405(13-23wk), $365(24-31wk), $355(32-52wk)
1 - 52 weeks

Intensive English (30 lessons per week)

This popular program offers three different classes each day. In addition to a Core Class, Students take a focused elective on a specific skill or topic and an Academic Workshop to round out the school day.

Test Preparation

$465 (1-4wk), $450(5-12wk), $435(13-23wk), $380(24-31wk), $370(32-52wk)
1 - 52 weeks


Available to students in advanced levels, our comprehensive test preparation classes cover skills necessary to succeed on the student's selected exam. Students also benefit from a daily Academic Workshop.

Academic English

$465 (1-4wk), $450(5-12wk), $435(13-23wk), $380(24-31wk), $370(32-52wk)
1 - 52 weeks

Academic English

Our most powerful program, Academic English has six hours per day of quality language instruction, including two electives and a daily Academic Workshop. It's perfect option for students desiring to transfer to an American college or university or quickly attain English fluency.

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