The American Language Program (ALP) serves graduate and undergraduate students who have not yet reached the level of English proficiency required for regular academic admission. Most ALP students plan to pursue an academic program at The Ohio State University, but many go on to study at other institutions.

Why Ohio State?

Ohio State ranks among the top 10 destinations for international students in the United States, enrolling over 6000 students from more than 110 countries. Our goal at the ALP is to encourage you to experience university life and American culture. The ALP provides small classes, academic counseling, and TOEFL test preparation classes to ensure your success. ALP students learn through theme-based, integrated skills units while also participating in the greater university community.

The American Language Program

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The American Language Program provides full-time intensive instruction in the English language and academic preparation, year round. Our goal is to encourage the use of our excellent classes to help you experience and explore university life and American culture. ALP students have a variety of reasons for choosing this program: Some will take degrees at Ohio State or another American university; others are professionals who wish to improve their communication skills in English; all are looking for a comprehensive program in which they can make rapid progress in English.

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1945 N. High St. · 196 Arps Hall · Columbus, OH, United States 43210-1172


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Housing Options

ALP students may live...

ALP students may live in University residence halls. Private off-campus housing is plentiful. Homestays can be arranged


2,789 (housing, meals, books, health insurance, personal expenses; estimate)

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