Michigan State University (MSU) is located in East Lansing, near the capital of Michigan. Michigan State University is a large (2100-acre campus), beautiful, and safe mid-western university. It is located about 1 hour from Detroit and about 4 hours from Chicago.

Regular sessions are 15 weeks long (corresponding to MSUs semester) and include 20 hours of classroom instruction per week in the intensive program. The ELC follows the MSU calendar with classes beginning in late August, early to mid-January, and mid-May. The ELC has four levels of instruction: 100 (beginner); 200 (low-intermediate); 300 (high-intermediate); 400 (advanced).

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A-714 Wells Hall · East Lansing, MI, United States


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Housing Options

The ELC helps to...

The ELC helps to arrange housing in University graduate or undergraduate dormitories or in married student housing.


Undergraduate (includes 20 meals/week): 2,226 Graduate ($280 meal credit included): 1,873 Married housing (per month): 381-454

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