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Greenheart English Camp is held on a boarding school campus 70 miles north of San Francisco in Healdsburg, CA along the Russian River Valley. Participants have the opportunity to live and study with other international teens, visit University of California, Berkeley, volunteer on multiple community service projects, explore San Francisco multiple times, go to an amusement park, and experience the natural beauty of the Northern California coast.

Greenheart English Camp provides English speaking opportunities at all times, including 16 hours of class per week, during meals, activities, off-site excursions, and during free time. Students at camp not only learn how to speak English, but they learn about leadership through an exclusive curriculum and guest lectures.

Age of Participants: 12-18 years old

Location of Program: Healdsburg, California

Dates of Program: July 15 through August 4, 2017

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Rio Lindo Ave · Healdsburg, CA, United States 95448

About the Summer Program

What is Included?

*Provided arrival and departure time is between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. and student flies in to and out of SFO airport.

Students have the opportunity to explore the world famous city of San Francisco, tour the distinguished University of California, Berkeley, and soak up the natural beauty of the Northern California coast.

Our leadership training is supplemented by volunteer opportunities presented to students during which they will learn the importance of environmentalism, sustainability, and supporting local communities.

A global leader is a student who represents a global perspective. Global leaders are confident in expressing their opinions while engaging in open, peaceful dialogues with peers from around the world.


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Vacation Course

3,900.00 USD Inclusive of all program activities, room and board, and transportation to and from the airport
0-4 Weeks

Greenheart English Camp


Program Dates: July 15 - August 4, 2017

Age of Participants: 12-18 years old

Students receive 16 hours of English class per week taught by highly qualified ESL teachers, including practice on speaking, listening, grammar, writing, and reading skills. There is a special focus on conversational English,and speaking is heavily incorporated into the curriculum.

Classes are held in the morning and early afternoon.

Students are tested and divided into groups of no more than 12 students based on English level. Students take a placement test upon arrival to camp to ensure they receive a challenging and engaging learning experience.

Additionally, students are asked to speak English throughout the entire program, including during meals and excursions to enhance the classroom lessons.

Activities and Excursions

Daily Activities

Examples of daily afternoon and evening activities include:


Student Testimonies

Housing Options

Double Dormitory

Dorms for two people. Meals are included.

Cost of housing is included in tuition.

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