GT Educational Center, established in 1995, and is approved by Illinois Board of Higher Education, Division of Private business and Vocational Schools and accredited by CEA. We offer students from around the globe quality English language instruction for pursuing their future goals and provide them with a caring and professional learning experience. To achieve our mission an intellectually stimulating curriculum has been developed with an emphasis on equipping students with language skills as well as giving them an opportunity to immerse themselves into the American language and culture. Our courses are taught at beginner to advanced levels on a year round basis by highly qualified instructors. By using a student-centered, communicative teaching approach and utilizing carefully selected course materials we are able to target a variety of learning styles for our diverse student community. We promote intercultural awareness among our students by encouraging collaborative learning. GT Educational Center is deeply committed to building confidence, motivating and empowering our students by helping them gain proficiency in the English language.

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General English

4-8 Weeks

GT Intensive English


Our General English program is designed to provide the non-native student with the necessary language skills and basic information needed to succeed in becoming a self-supporting member of the global society. The General English program teaches English for everyday living and to function successfully in personal, professional and academic environments.

Graduates of this program acquire sufficient English to pursue education in an American post-secondary, degree granting, institution.

The certificate program is 1260 clock hours in total length. The number of hours is dictated by the necessity of providing students with the full range of language skills and information needed to succeed in overcoming cultural and linguistic challenges.

The program is divided into seven separate courses. Each course is eight weeks long (180+ hours).

Each course meets for a total of 18 to 25 hours per week.

Entrance Requirements

To be admitted, applicants are required to take a placement test to demonstrate their English proficiency.

The program includes the following courses:

Low Beginner
High Beginner
Low Intermediate
High Intermediate

Course specific information can be found in our Course Catalog on our website.

Students are placed into the course appropriate for their level of proficiency through our comprehensive placement test upon application. There is no per-requisite for the Low Beginner course.

You can check the academic calendar on our site to see when these courses will be available. Tuition total is provided per eight week session.

Other Programs Services Accommodation (Housing) Services-Dormitories available on campus.

Extracurricular Activities-Pizza parties and trips around the area and beyond are offered periodically. We also give our students plenty of suggestions on what to do around town and beyond. Check our events calendar to see what's going on this month.

Financial Assistance-GT offers students tuition payment plan options, interest free. Students registering directly with us can ask about financial assistance.

Tutorial Services- Struggling in class? You can ask for extra help. Tutoring is offered for a minimal fee. Inquire at the office.

University/College Placement Assistance-We can help students understand the US college system and assist with your decision to continue on to a US college or University. We even work with several universities in the area who offer TOEFL waivers to our students. Just ask us.

Student IDs-photo IDs are available at the main Skokie campus. IDs often allow students to receive discounts for select businesses, including museums and attractions around town.

Housing Options






On campus Dormitory


Urban apartment style, dormitory housing is available on and next to the campus. In the center of Chicago, live and study in the exciting world-class city.

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