We are located in the northern Chicago suburb of Glenview, 12 miles north of downtown Chicago. Convenient to public transportation. Shuttling available.

Our unique approach to English Language teaching puts learners at a distinct advantage over other students in traditional Intensive English programs. The FOCAL SKILLS modular system places students in the major language skill areas of Listening, Reading, and Writing according to their assessed skill level – and allows them to master each skill before moving on to the next. Each progressive skill incorporates the previous skill for maximum learning potential. FOCAL SKILLS is based on the belief that providing a wealth of comprehensible input to learners leads to rapid acquisition of the target language. Students are given an initial assessment of skills in the three major skill areas then placed in a skill module. Students are reassessed in their current skill every four weeks and advanced upon placing out of a skill module. The FOCAL SKILLS approach is designed to prepare students to successfully pass a TOEFL or other equivalent exam and enable them to move on into college level work by using authentic material and dynamic teaching techniques. The Listening Module uses films and TV shows to stimulate students both aurally and visually while eliciting appropriate responses to the material. The teacher narrates and paraphrases the film dialogue and plot as the movie or show progresses to assist students in deriving the most meaning from the material. In the Reading Module, a variety of authentic reading material is utilized from daily newspapers to guided and personal reading. ESL Readers can be chosen that have a corresponding film to maximize the comprehension of material. The Writing Module has students write individually on a variety of topics using a combination of movies and reading to stimulate writing. Teachers do focused rewrites of student work to provide another level of comprehensible input. The final module is Immersion where students take a variety of courses at an academic level. Another feature of FOCAL SKILLS is the offering of Electives to challenge and interest students. There is no limit to course topics which can range from TOEFL Workshop to Pronunciation, and Grammar Workshop to Cinema.

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1245 Milwaukee Ave. · Glenview, IL, United States 60025


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Homestay through OvECS


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