Classes are held at the Lindbrook Center and nearby buildings, all located within a 7- minute walk from the UCLA campus. Our school and the university campus are in one of the safest and friendliest areas of Los Angeles, just 20 minutes by car from famous beaches, Beverly Hills and Hollywood.

  1. The 6, 10 and 12 week Academic Intensive English program prepares students for American colleges and universities as well as students who need to improve their general English ability for personal or professional reasons. Speaking, listening, reading and writing skills are taught at 7 levels of proficiency. 2. The 4 week Intensive English Communication Program is for students who use English for professional or personal reasons. Speaking and listening are taught at 3 levels (beginning, intermediate, advanced).

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UCLA Extension · Los Angeles, CA, United States 90024


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Housing Options

UCLA dormitory accommodations are...

UCLA dormitory accommodations are available during the summer only. During the rest of the year, homestays, apartment and hotel referrals are available.



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