The ELI is located near the heart of the UBC campus, one of Canadas largest and mostly highly rated research universities. We are in the beautiful pacific coast city of Vancouver, BC, a top international tourist destination with spectacular wilderness scenery surrounding a multi-cultural and cosmopolitan urban centre. Vancouver has the mildest temperatures in Canada, with rainy winters and sunny summers, and year-round greenery in our many parks and gardens.

The IEP provides full-time English language training in 12-week sessions beginning in January, April and September. We also offer a 10-week IEP session in July and August. You can come for just one session, or stay for longer - our six-level program ensures that you will continue to have new challenges and new courses to select from as your English improves.

The Intensive English Program allows you to choose a program of Communication or Academic Preparation courses, or both.

From Monday through Thursday you will attend three separate courses. On Fridays you may choose to attend workshops according to your goals and interests, such as Conversation, CBC News, TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, Cambridge Examinations, Multimedia Labs or Lectures.

You will receive marks for the work you do in the IEP. At the beginning of your course, your teachers give you course descriptions that show the course objectives and the assessment criteria. Examples of assessment criteria are portfolios, quizzes, mid-term tests and project work. When you successfully complete a course, you move up to the next level in that skill. When you pass the courses at each level, the English Language Institute will issue you a transcript of your grades. Students who successfully complete three courses at the same level receive a University of British Columbia Certificate in English Language.

The Intensive English Program has six levels, which range from Elementary to Proficiency and provide a variety of courses.

As a full-time student, you choose three courses each session. You take placement tests to determine your level in each English skill. Then, with the help of a course advisor, you choose a program according to your interests and your level in each skill area. This means that you might take a higher-level course in one skill than in another. For example, you might take a Level 400 speaking and listening course, a Level 400 writing course, and a Level 500 reading and grammar course.

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Housing Options

Homestay offered year-round; campus...

Homestay offered year-round; campus dormitory (limited availability) mid-May through mid-August.


Homestay Placement fee: C$200, Homestay C$26/night (includes 3 meals per day)

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