Part of Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, we have been providing English language instructing since 1942. Our small class sizes are offered with fully qualified and experienced instructors and our “English-Only” rule allows for speaking and listening skills to improve quickly. Our students have access to all of the facilities on the Queen’s campus including libraries, sports facilities and over 400 different student clubs to become fully immersed in the university experience.

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511 Union Street West · Kingston, ON, Canada K7L 3N6


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Academic English

8+ Weeks

English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

An intensive full-time English language program that prepares students for university or college studies in English.

  • 22.5 Hours of classroom instruction per week
  • Vocabulary enhancement
  • Pronunciation comprehensibility
  • Grammatical knowledge
  • Academic writing techniques
  • Autonomous learning
  • Critical thinking

Vacation Course

0-4 Weeks

Canadian Academic English Experience (CAEE)

Short-term ESL experience that provides excellent preparation for the EAP program while experiencing the Canadian academic context.

  • 3 weeks in the late summer or early spring
  • 20.5 hours of classroom instruction per week
  • 2 hours of guided excursions per week

Guided Excursions

Visit different Kingston venues and attractions every week such as:

  • Agnes Etherington Art Centre
  • Miller Museum of Geology
  • Penitentiary Museum

Vacation Course

0-4 Weeks

Canadian English Experience (CEE)

A short-term program where students can experience Canada in the summer or winter while learning English.

  • 3-4 weeks in the summer or winter
  • 18 hours of classroom instruction per week
  • 2 hours of guided excursions per week

Weekend Trips

  • Canada's capital Ottawa
  • Montreal
  • Niagara Falls

College Pathway/Bridge

8+ Weeks


A university preparation program for students who have already received an offer of admission to an undergraduate program at Queen's University, but are required to complete additional sessions of English language training at the School of English.

This pathway ensures that students are linguistically, academically and culturally prepared to complete their Queen’s undergraduate degree studies.

Housing Options

Homestay Host


At Queen's School of English we encourage our students to consider a placement with a Homestay host (Canadian family). Our Homestay program is provided by the Canada Homestay Network (CHN). Many students may also prefer to arrange their own or other accommodations in Kingston click here for more options.

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