Learn English, French or Spanish! From July 3 to 30, 2016 For boys and girls ages 11 to 16

At Stanstead College, our summer campers learn English, French or Spanish through a unique immersion program that includes classroom learning plus outdoor and cultural excursions and other on-campus activities.

Students in groups of 9 to 15 receive instruction at three levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Classroom instruction focuses on speaking, listening, reading and writing exercises. Participants become more confident in their second (or third) language by improving comprehension and developing their spoken vocabulary and grammar. Students are motivated to speak their language of study at all times in the class and while at play in order to get the most out of their camp and learning experience.

At the end of camp, advanced-level students will undergo TOEFL Junior testing.

Cultural and Recreational Activities Learning a second language has never been so much fun! To provide students with a chance to discover Quebec’s diverse culture and amazing nature, our Language Adventure immersion program organizes several outdoor and cultural activities throughout the duration of the camp in order to get the most out of their camp and learning experience.

• Museums • Natural parks • Sightseeing • Camping • Day at the beach • Arts & crafts • Teams & sports • Shopping • Bonfires • Amusement Parks • And more!

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450 Dufferin Street · Stanstead, QC, Canada J0B3E0


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