GEOS Vancouver first opened in 1987 and has been helping students like you reach their English goals ever since

Located in the centre of Vancouver, and is surrounded by restaurants, banks, and shopping malls, assuring the necessary services to meet every students needs.

INTEGRATED SKILLS CLASS During the morning session, students study four English skills - reading, writing, speaking, and listening in a communicative way through a system called "communicative Language Teaching". New grammar patterns are learned in the context of a conversation or an article. Students use various activities to practice English conversation including listening tasks, role plays, and discussion. Practical reading and writing tasks and vocabulary studies are presented as well. ACTIVE LISTENING CLASS During the afternoon session, students will cover a variety of topics while practicing English conversation management, North American conversation styles and pronunciation. Students learn commonly used idioms and slang in a communicative way. Students use a various activities to practice these new idioms including listening tasks, role plays, and discussion.

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Suite#298 - 1199 West Pender Street · Vancouver, BC, Canada V6E 2R1


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