1311-4 Street S.W. in the heart of the city of Calgary, close to the downtown city train service and on a major bus route. Calgary is located in the foothills of Alberta, about 1 hour from the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

We offer Full and Part-time Classes for Adults. There are 4 - 9 week terms/year . Classes run from 9:15am - 2:30pm, Monday to Thursday. Next term is October 14 to December 11, 2008. Our Purpose: to provide newcomers to Canada with opportunities to improve their English skills and cultural awareness. Our Goals: To improve English skills for daily life, to build community, and to help students better understand Canadian Culture. Our Focus: to create a welcoming learning environment, to facilitate communicative language learning, and to encourage students to build skills that will help them in finding work, making friends and furthering their studies.

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1311-4 Street S.W. · Calgary, AB, Canada T2R 0X9


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