ECC ESL Canadian College is conveniently located in the heart of Gastown, downtown Vancouver, in a heritage building. The school facilities provide an excellent learning environment. We are only a few minutes on foot from shopping centres, restaurants, theatres, and all major transit services. The school has up-to-date facilities, spacious classrooms, a lounge, handicap access, and a beautiful and colourful environment.

ECC offers a curriculum designed to challenge students both inside and outside of the classroom.

In the classroom the students will receive a comprehensive communicative style curriculum with an integrated approach to ESL learning. The morning class blocks are the regular ESL program and will incorporate all of the major ESL skills, including listening, speaking, pronunciation, reading, writing and grammar. The afternoon block will include elective classes that offer a more focused approached to the individual skills.

Outside of the classroom, the students are expected and encouraged to approach language learning through a variety of real life skills and activities. Part of this approach is through a regular course of field trips and class assignments and part of this is through a system of learning logs which require the students to approach every activity during their immersion stay as a language learning opportunity. Students will chronicle their experiences and their development so they have a concrete record of their language development.

Students will be offered a unique evaluation system that not only involves teacher feedback and response but also a system of self evaluation and self set goals that will allow the student to set, meet, and exceed realistic language learning goals.

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2nd floor 73 Water Street · Vancouver, BC, Canada V6B 1A1


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