Very very Central London. Trafalgar Square 15 minutes walk, Covent Garden on our doorstep!

This summer the LSE Language Centre is launching an exciting range of English study programmes. For the first time anyone needing to practise and improve their English can apply to follow a summer language course at one of the world's most dynamic and innovative universities.

The LSE is a world-class institution for social sciences. From Economics to Politics, from International Relations to Law, the LSE has an unparalleled reputation. It is above all a university that cares about being and getting to the heart of the matter, and finding out what makes society work.

At the Language Centre we care about putting together programmes that relate directly to students' needs, whether it's English for Management or English for Law. For this summer we've put together a range of programmes, which should inspire and interest you. None of them is purely general in nature: we think you want more from us than that!

All our programmes will get you discussing and writing about a range of issues that matter: it could be the changing daily focus from politics and business to European issues, students will get on our English Language, Society and Culture programmes. Or you could be even more specific and focus purely on one topic: choose from Design, Literature and other options. Some of you may want a two or one week programme: you have the choice! You may be able to combine a two-week general with a one-week specialist programme. Contact us and we'll advise you.

There will never be more than 12 in a class, and we'll be encouraging you to participate as much as possible. You'll be expected to do some research into topics and present your findings. We'll want you to work by yourselves and work in a group. Most of all, we'll want you to enjoy yourselves, and our cultural programme will help you do that.

For those of you who need a more management focus, our Executive programme delivers a tight programme of business English. You'll be in a group of no more than 6, and you'll have lunch with your teacher, so we'll be working you hard. Again we'll be expecting you to improve all aspects of your English, but we'll want you to work hard on your presentation and speaking skills. They'll be excursions on offer, and you'll be encouraged to work on projects in your spare time.

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Housing Options

The two LSE Residences...

The two LSE Residences we have reserved places in an 10 and 15 minutes walk from the School respectively. Alternatively we have complied a list (available from our WebPages) of nformation on Local Hotels available from our WebPages.


£25.00 per night in LSE residences, B & B

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