St Brelade's College is located on the picturesque island of Jersey, in the Channel Islands. The school is close to the small harbour village of St Aubin where you can find the adult residence, cafes, restaurants, bars, shop & essential amenities. 

The school was founded in 1978 and is the only year-round language school in the Channel Islands accredited by the British Council which is reflected in our teaching standards.

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Mont Les Vaux · St Brelade · Jersey, UK, United Kingdom JE3 8AF


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General English

£49 for 5 sessions (1 hour each)
4-8 Weeks

Online English courses

Our online English classes are taken by our team of highly qualified teachers, all of whom have worked at St Brelade's College for over 10 years. They aim to provide a welcoming 'classroom' atmosphere and promote interaction and communication. We run weekly classes at different levels. Lesson are taken by the same teacher each day for consistency.

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