Welcome to An English Language School, founded by Tutor-UK. You can study any form of English (e.g. British-English or American-English).

We are educators and exam specialists.

It would be great to assist you!

Study English (e.g. British-English, American-English). Learn at any level (e.g. Basic- Advanced, and exams - e.g. CAE, CPE, FCE, IELTS, TOEFL).

The full list of our tuition programs, please see further below.

Study areas include: Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking

Choose to:

  1. Study hour-by-hour
  2. Within a 4 week intensive period or
  3. Within any amount of time you choose

Be taught English by native English teachers, or bilingual teachers. For example, you might choose to be taught by a Londoner who can teach you formal and informal English.

Or, if you speak Spanish, might choose to be taught by an English speaker who also speaks fluent Spanish. The choice is yours!

Choose to have lessons designed to suit your own specific needs, or complete the language course below.

The preferred time of study is Monday-Friday (10am - 5pm, UK time). However, you may study anytime you like!

Course Outline

Please let us know if you want to follow a particular course of study. For example, if you are studying IELTS, you might want to cover additional areas other than those listed below. We will be more than happy to design and deliver lessons based on your specific course of study. Start having lessons today!

If you do not have a particular course of study you wish to follow, please take a look at the course outline below.

Study each lesson below in any order. Add areas you wish to focus on (subject to your teacher's approval). Please discuss possible lessons you wish to add with your teacher, prior to studying the area you hope to focus on).

Course sections include: Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking

You can choose to include all or some of the following:

  • Grammar: Terms and definitions, countable and uncountable nouns, tenses, verbs; modal and auxiliary, conditions
  • Accuracy vs. Fluency, the stages of writing, correction techniques -Vocabulary: Words and sentences, using dictionaries, choosing vocabulary
  • Stages of reading
  • Phonetics, stress, rhythm, intonation
  • Successful and highly effective exam tips


Argumentative language

Language (purpose, cause and effect)

Formal language for writing

Informal language

Review of all focused sections in this unit


Writing tips and advice

Practice different types of writing tasks

Practice planning writing tasks

Learn how to compare and contrast

Review of all focused sections in this unit


Comprehension and question

Guided listening

Non-guided listening

Review of all focused sections in this unit


Public speaking/Presentations

Independent speech

Review of all focused sections in this unit

Our English Language lessons are designed for anyone wishing to develop their language skills to an excellent level. All of our teachers have access to language specifications and course materials. You can also request to use your own course books, or focus on particular aspects of your choice - subject to agreement between you and Tutor-UK.

Learn English to an exceptional level. Study for business purposes, leisure, college, school and any other reason.

You will be taught how to develop your language skills with utmost confidence.

We teach you what to study and how to effectively study for your exams.

Regarding IELTS and TOEFL, to find examination centres and to know which dates exams are available in your country, click on the following links: IELTS (International English Language Testing System)

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

Tuition Programs

The following Tutor-UK English Language classes may be taken:

English as a Foreign Language for adults (reading, writing, listening, speaking, phonetics, exams)

Business English (reading, writing, listening, speaking, phonetics, exam prep)

English Language in the workplace (to help you adjust to/advance in specific language used within the work place)

English Language for school, college and university (to help you become better acquainted with the type and standard of language required for school, college and university studies)

English Language for fun

Different British (e.g. learn one or more British dialect - e.g. Geordie, Scottish-English)

Different ways to speak English (learn one or more dialect - e.g. American-English, Australian-English)

English Language exam preparation

Teacher-training for English Language educators and aspiring educators (lessons to prepare you for and enhance your current teaching practice)

The History of English Language (all levels - e.g. Undergraduate, M.A.)

English as a Foreign Language for children (reading, writing, listening, speaking, phonetics, tests)

English as a Foreign Language for teens (reading, writing, listening, speaking, phonetics, tests)

Best wishes, ​ Tutor-UK

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