You know what you want to say. You have a clear message inside your head. But you can’t find the right words. In meetings, you’re not fast enough and you miss your opportunity to speak. On the phone, you only understand 50% of the conversation. When you make a presentation, you don’t have enough impact. And you always feel like you’re negotiating from a weak position. You need to make progress quickly. That’s why you need Canning Training. Since 1965, we’ve been helping people like you, people who work internationally, to find the right words and make progress fast.

From the moment you arrive in London, the training will not stop. Sure, you’ll learn intensively through constant real-world simulations. But we’re also listening to what you say while you eat your lunch, while you drink your coffee and while you negotiate with the taxi driver at the end of a night out. Every moment is an opportunity to make your English more precise, more natural and more powerful.

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