We have training centres in London, Milan, Tokyo. We also regularly travel to Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas to run tailored training programmes for our clients.

Canning specialises in training for business and professional people. Our English for Business Division runs short intensive courses and individual training in English for Business, International Negotiation Skills, International Presentation Skills, and Powerful Communication Skills.

Since 1965, we have helped more than 130,000 business and professional people in over 60 countries to communicate more effectively with each other.

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593/599 Fulham Road · London, United Kingdom SW65UA


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Intensive English

0-4 Weeks

English for Business - Group Training

Improve your English by training with a group of professionals like you. You’ll work together to run meetings, solve problems over the phone, present powerfully and negotiate successfully. As an international team of no more than six (average four) you’ll develop more precise, more natural and more powerful English.

Intensive group training: 0900 – 1730, Monday – Friday Maximum group size: 6 Average group size: 4 Total contact time: 42.5 hours per week Evening social activities

At Canning, we don’t follow a pre-defined course programme. Our course programme is you. When you start the course, you’ll brief us about the biggest challenges you face in English – presenting sales figures to your boss, explaining technical details to your client, holding a meeting via video conferencing – and we’ll make sure you face these challenges every day. Every participant has their own needs, but group courses often include…

Social English: ice-breaking, small talk, networking.

Meetings: solve problems, make suggestions and convince others.

Phone calls, conference calls and video conferencing: follow the discussion and communicate clearly when you’re not in the same room.

Presentations: stand up and get your message across clearly, persuasively and memorably.

Negotiations: get to win-win solutions with your clients, suppliers or colleagues.

Intensive listening practice: capturing the “big picture” and the detail of high-speed conversations between native and non-native speakers with a range of accents.

Taking control of conversations: influence the pace and direction of a conversation so that you have time to understand and contribute.

Grammar: it doesn’t have to be boring! We’ll give you the grammar you need to communicate clearly and sound impressive.

Pronunciation: learn the natural sounds, rhythms and contractions of spoken English.

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