The English courses offered by our language school, range from beginner level to English for business and travel. Furthermore, Sprachenatelier also offers crash courses, intensive courses and educational-leave courses. For those that wish to learn English in private lessons, we also offer one-to-one tutoring. Our teachers are all fully certified English speakers and provide the best quality learning experience.

The start of our English language courses isn’t restricted to semesters and run all year round contingent on the number of participants. This system affords each student a flexible routine and makes each course more accessible.

For those students with some knowledge of the English language we offer an introductory English test before applying to a course. This helps us gauge, which classes would suite you personally and helps place each student in the most appropriate class.

It doesn't matter whether you live in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, Lichtenberg or Neukölln, you'll find that Sprachenatelier Berlin is located right in the heart of Berlin-Friedrichshain.

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Executive English

With qualified native English speakers
Participants can choose length of their study


For professionals

Business courses are specialised for professionals and are suited to cover the needs of everyday work life.

At Sprachenatelier our business courses are often combined with the regular language courses in order for your to gain extensive language skills alongside focused specialist career orientated language in order to maximize your language skills. the classes are often made up of small groups (3-5 participants) of professionals.

You can expect to cover everyday office related situations such as meetings, presentations, telephone conversations, small talk, negotiations, reports e.c.t in the course. Our language staff come from a business educated background with years of teaching experience.

You're also able to combine your business course with private lessons.

For businesses we offer excellent language training for employees to improve their language skills.

Sprachenatelier offers you individual personalized course concepts to suit your Business with focus on branch/department specific vocabulary. Your employees will be able to represent your company, trade and converse with confidence in the chosen language.

With a written or oral entry-level test we can analyze the language skills the employees already possess. These tests follow the requirements of the business, which will be a basis on creating the personalized language course in whichever language level is required.

Intensive English

With qualified native English speakers
0-4 Weeks


The Intensive courses at Sprachenatelier are available for beginner (A1-basic level) to advanced (C2-upper level).

A semi-intensive course is held twice a week with a duration of 90 minutes per class, the intensive course is held five times per week with 4-6 class hours during the morning, afternoon or evening.

You're also able to to decide to focus on business-language, everyday language, language skills for travelling etc.

With a free entry-level test and a one-to-one discussion we can find a suitable course for you.

During the 2-4 week course you'll be learning in small class groups. From your first day our native-speaking teachers will engage you with the class so that you can easily involve yourself with the language.

Vacation Course

With qualified native English speakers
0-4 Weeks


Educational leave at Sprachenatelier Berlin - learn a new language or broaden your language skills with our career-orientated language courses of 30 weekly hours.

Our language courses are recognized by the Berliner Bildungsurlaubsgesetz (BiUrlG) - employees in Berlin can apply for a leave of absence with their employer for the duration of their language course. For employees from outside of Berlin we ask to inform themselves about the rules regarding a leave of absence.

Educational leave in a group course: the most important information

Our educational leave courses are 2 weeks long (60 weekly hours at 45 minutes per lesson) from Monday-Friday between 13:00-18:00 (including 30 minutes for break) costing 400€ for 10 days.

To apply for this course we ask you to fill out the Online registration with your full name and desired course in order to transfer the cost of the chosen course.

The course requires at least 5 participants and a maximum of 9. We will gladly help any students with their application and educational leave process.

General English

With qualified native English speakers
Participants can choose length of their study


Alongside our regular language courses we at Sprachenatelier also offer Private lessons.

Begin with our Starter-pack of 14-45 minutes (7 lessons of 90 minutes) from 490€ (see application form) or pre-book larger study packages. Every 10th lesson hour after the initial 20 hours is free when you choose a larger study package.

Private lessons are the most intensive and effective way to learn a language. Through the newest methods and teaching materials combined with our highly qualified and experienced staff you can learn a language successfully in no time. How we can tailor your language course to you

Whatever your reasons are for learning a foreign language Sprachenatelier is here to help you achieve your language goals, so during your private lessons you can focus on perfecting pronunciation or writing skills, or focus on your listening/reading skills.

At the beginning of the course we will ask you what you hope to achieve with these lessons, and we will work with you to produce a personalized course plan to achieve these goals.

You'll be able to enjoy your teacher's undivided attention and decide how many hours a day you would like to spend with private lessons as well as the learning materials and learning tempo, in order to make learning as efficient and quick as possible!

From beginner to advanced all levels of language skills are offered in our private lesson courses, and through an entry-level test our staff will be able to see where your language skills lie, where you require the most help and where to focus on filling all the gaps. All of our teachers are highly qualified language teachers with relevant degrees backgrounds.

Of course you're also able to sign up for private lessons alongside your group courses.

Starter packet/minimum-hours - 14 hrs (1hr =45 min) / 490 EUR
Discounted: after initial 20hrs is every 10th hour free (20hrs /665 EUR, 30hrs /980 EUR)
Lessons: minimum 2hrs per lesson (=90min) or more, lesson times to be discussed.
Registration: no later than a week before the desired start date (the earlier the more chance of your desired dates to be available) any questions prior to the lesson should be discussed over the phone.

General English

With qualified native English speakers
Participants can choose length of their study

Beginners English

Beginners courses are especially important for Sprachenatelier, because we believe that a language should be learned correctly and in a structured way right from the start, in order to enable you to achieve success in learning as soon as possible.

Our beginners English courses contain many elements of the modern foreign language approach, which we employ with a special focus on motivation for the learning process.

Participants can expect a relaxed and creative atmosphere, and a teacher who goes into the detail when and where they need it. This is made possible by the small size of our languages classes.

In the English classes for beginners, you will learn familiar and common expressions and understand and use English phrases.

At the end of a beginners' course in English you will be able to introduce yourself and others, ask and answer questions- e.g. where they live, who they know and what kind of things they have.

From the very first class , our students learn to make themselves understood in a very easy way and to understand English when their conversational partners speak slowly and clearly (and are ready to help).

Housing Options

Help with Accommodation Search


Sprachenatelier offers students assistance with finding accommodation in close proximity to the school, often in an apartment, with a host family, a flatshare, a hotel or a hostel.

Please note that we can only offer our students assistance with their search for an accommodation if they are at least 18...

Sprachenatelier offers students assistance with finding accommodation in close proximity to the school, often in an apartment, with a host family, a flatshare, a hotel or a hostel.

Please note that we can only offer our students assistance with their search for an accommodation if they are at least 18 years old.

Prices for a room in a shared apartment vary between circa 350 to 650€ per month, depending on the size and furnishing of the room. Although we do our best to fulfill the accommodation requirements of all of our students, it is important for course participants to note that early registration improves the likelihood of finding the desired form of accommodation.

Hostels are the best accommodation for short durations (less than one month), as they are inexpensive, starting at 10€ per night. Staying with a host family in Berlin is a good option for younger students.

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