Business Idioms: “B” Better Prepared in the Boardroom

balance booksAs is the case in all of life’s endeavors, proper planning promotes performance. Unfortunately some things – like a test – are easy to prepare for than others – like a business meeting. While you can never be sure what expressions might pop up in  business meeting, you are will doubtless be better prepared for any curveballs thanks to our latest installment of Business Idioms:

To Bail Out a Company/Person – to provide financial relief to a company or person that would otherwise be “underwater” (in debt)

  • Many people believe that a strategic bail out would help provide much-needed stability in the faltering economy.

Note: This idiom can be used with the word “out” after either bail or company and as a noun (as above).

Baked In – included

  • As technology improves many automakers are baking in special features that were once considered luxuries; just try buying a car without air conditioning these days!

To Balance the Books – to audit or otherwise verify that a business’s assets are properly accounted for

  • It is both dull necessary to balance the books from time to time; it is the best way to keep track of a company’s performance.

Note: The “books” in this idiom refer to the a business’s ledger (the paper copies accountants keep of all of a company’s transaction)

Ball Park Figure – a rough approximation or estimate; a guess

  • We knew that the expansion would be expensive but even the ball park figure seemed overwhelming to us. Rather than get a detailed estimate we decided on across the board changes.

Note: A “ball park” is another name for a baseball stadium, a term used in this idiom because of its large, open expanse.

Oh, and  don’t forget that you can always visit our Business Idioms homepage for a detailed explanation of business idioms and, of course, get a little extra practice!

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