Comparing TOEFL and TOEIC scores

concentration154216896The TEOFL and the TOEIC are practically synonymous with English as a Second Language proficiency and it is no wonder. Despite their common applications and origins – both are developed, administered, and offered by the Princeton, New Jersey-based Educational Testing Service at hundred testing centers around the world every year – they are nevertheless hardly synonymous with each other. Although there are other differences, one of the most galling is the fact that the TOEFL (or as it is more formally known, the Test Of English as a Foreign Language) and the TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) use fundamentally different grading scales to evaluate their students. Thus the manner in which ESL tests can be compared can seem daunting. Looks can be deceiving, however, and a closer examination of the standards that underpin the two exams makes English exam comparison relatively easy.

Although aligning to two exams to one another would be problematic, the fact that both exams are tied to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF) and its six benchmark levels of language proficiency means that the two exams can be compared to one another through this common medium. The following table does exactly that by comparing TOEFL and TOEIC scores:

toefl and toeic

Better still, and with the knowledge that the two exams are each comprised of four distinct parts designed to measure proficiency in Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing, individual section scores can themselves be aligned to the CEF benchmark levels. Thus even these subsections of the two ESL tests can be compared.